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Here are some of our customers' thoughts for you. Please feel free to add your own to these comments. See our contacts page or Facebook.

Brianna Larson (Bride) 8.4.2012

I had Flash Entertainment DJ at my wedding,  and they were just great.  They were more then willing to make introductions and announce things I wanted announced.  They added a bit of fun to the dance, but never tried to take over as the center of attention. They had the nice,  relaxed and fun feel that I was going for.



Jessica Meester (Bride) 6.25.2011

Flash Entertainment DJ did an awesome job with our wedding! They want all out on the set up,  from the music to the lights.​  They even played soft music during the dinner.  Very professional and they were thoughtful of the needs of my husband and I,  as well as the various age groups attending the reception.  I would definitely recommend them to anybody needing a DJ for any occasion!

Liz Bourd (Bride) 8.8.2009
I had my wedding DJ'd by Flash Entertainment DJ, and the process went very smoothly. Arranging the details with the DJ was very easy, the setup was worry free, and the quality of entertainment was great. Overall, it was a fabulous experience.
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